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A poster featuring white flowers reads "O'Keeffe One Hundred Flowers, an Immersive Experience."

FSU Art alum Mario Caserta brings Georgia O’Keefe’s work to life with VFX

June 17, 2022
Florida State University College of Fine Arts alum Mario Caserta (BS Studio Art 1999) recently launched Fancy House of Visual Effects with colleague Randie Swanberg, an imaginative ...
A painting of a Big Mac

Taco Bell as art: Tallahassee artist's oil paintings of fast food go viral

June 16, 2022
The 42-year-old native Tallahassee artist has gone viral on Twitter as his followers salivate over his oil paintings. The piece that started this cycle of virality was Verrier' ...

Art Alumni reflects on our relationship with digital environments in Ctrl [Alt] Self

June 2, 2022
Ctrl [Alt] Self, featuring FSU alumni  Elise Thompson, Lucia Riffel, and Brittany M. Watkins reflects on the growing dependence and relationship with digital environments through ...

Venvi Art Gallery presents upcoming solo show by Art Alum Bella Falbo

May 30, 2022
Venvi Art Gallery, located at 2901 E. Park Ave, Tallahassee, FL. presents an upcoming solo show by Art Alum Bella Falbo, from June 3 thru July 28. There will be an opening receptio ...

Art Alumni among finalists for Pathways 2022: The Carlos Malamud Prize Exhibition

May 27, 2022
We are so proud to announce that Pathways 2022: The Carlos Malamud Prize Exhibition at UCF Art Gallery is featuring three FSU Art Alumni this year. Among the finalists are MFA '21 ...