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HSF Excellence Visual Arts Award Winners: Chayse Sampy, Andrew Turner and Devin Clark

Published September 3, 2022

“Cops and Robbers” by Chayse Sampy

The Honors, Scholars, & Fellows House 2022 visual arts award winner include FSU Art MFA “23 Chayse Sampy and FSU, Art MFA ’22 Andrew Turner  and FSU Art BFA Devin Clark. HSF provides high-achieving students at FSU with support in their pursuit of academic excellence and engagement. The Visual Art Exhibition Award are given to outstanding students for work of exceptional artistic achievement.

Sampy’s work explores themes of the interrelationship of ideological systems, history, representation, and Black experience. Using painting as a tool for activism, Sampy questions the  representation of Blackness on a personal and social level. “Cops and Robbers” is a part of a larger series entitled A Generation Neglected. The series focuses on the issues inherited by Generation Z, forcing the audience to confront the environments we have constructed for our youth. This piece, “Cops and Robbers,” deals with the premature transition from perceived innocence to criminality in Black boys.

“Dream Weaver” by Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner also celebrates a win as finalist for his work  “Dream Weaver.” Turner uses the landscape as a metaphor for loss, memory, and trauma to the human body. By using desolate landscapes with decaying subject matter he is able to highlight the fragility and isolation of disease. This image was taken in Dulac, Louisiana after a series of storms which altered the people and the landscape. The boat, still upright, exists as a ghost or memory of its past responsibility, however content in its new inevitably. The boat is memorialized by a shower of golden light that slips into the horizon behind.

“Sunday 3pm” by Devin Clark

Featured as well is Devin Clark. Whose work explores Queer narratives and fantasy often depicting diverse body types and unique gender expression. “Sunday 3pm” questions the performative aspects of isolation in the age of social media as well as the ritual of self care to reflect gender expression. Clark focuses on the new means by which Queer identity and community is established as it pertains to their own experiences with gender.

Their art, as well as other winners will be displayed at the HFS building located on campus at the Johnston Annex, 127 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304 for the next year. Individuals are invited  to come and enjoy the art throughout that year. You can also view all of the artwork and view artist statements on HSF’s online gallery.