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Painting + Drawing

Area Head: Carrie Ann Baade

The combined drawing and painting program consists of a variety of courses on the beginning, intermediate, advanced and graduate levels. Teaching and Technical Assistantships are available in the area for qualifying MFA students.


Drawing is a fundamental skill that all artists use in varied forms as a primary medium and as a preliminary method for sketching ideas for a painting, sculpture, installation, or animation. Drawing can be experimental and playful, but most importantly it can allow the student to discover new and exciting possibilities of expression in a relatively short period of time. Drawing is for everyone.


The Painting program embraces a pedagogy that reflects both historical and contemporary approaches. The curriculum is critique-based and emphasizes building a strong underpinning in painting fundamentals, materials, conceptual and analytical processes. The goal of the faculty is to develop artists with personal insights and independent visions that can then be fully realized through the medium of paint.