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Carrie Ann Baade Featured in VoyageMIA Interview

Published November 20, 2018

FSU Art Associate Professor Carrie Ann Baade was featured in an interview on VoyageMIA , discussing her perspective as an artist and a professor. Baade explains the importance 0f being an artist and highlights the influences behind her creations. She states, “I am a narrative painter and storyteller who is actively changing the story of art – one student at a time.” Baade’s work is extraordinary and exemplifies how old traditional European art can become new. She continues to explain “I paint from collages, cut and composed from the pages of Western European art history, so in a way, I work to preserve the past, and to write my name in the corner of a collective narrative – to write my name on body of work mostly made by men.” Click here to read the full interview and see some of her featured art pieces.


Photo by Mika Fowler