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Emergency Procedures

For any emergency that is immediate and life threatening call 911. Including: fire, explosion, shop accidents, chemical exposure, or disaster. Injuries requiring medical attention should be called into FSU Police at 850-644-1234 for escort to the hospital. Police will assess the situation and arrange for transport to a medical facility. DO NOT TRANSPORT INJURY VICTIMS! Small injuries can be treated with standard first aid at the discretion of the victim.

All injuries must be reported to the art office on a “Incident Report Form” in the Main Art Office, Fine Art Building 220; phone: 850-644-6474.

Fire Emergencies

  • In the event of a fire call 911 immediately.
  • If you have been trained in the use of a fire extinguisher, fight the fire from a position where you can escape and only if you are confident that you will be successful. Small fires can often be extinguished.
  • Smother small fires in a barrel or container by covering the container with a lid.
  • If clothing catches fire drop to the floor and roll to smother the fire. If a co-worker’s clothing catches fire, push the person to the floor and roll them or use a fire blanket to smother the flames.
  • If the fire is large or spreading, activate the fire alarm to alert building occupants and evacuate the area, closing the doors behind you.
  • Await the arrival of Public Safety and inform them of the exact location and details of the fire.
  • Do not re-enter the building until you are told to do so by Public Safety.

Chemical Exposure

  • Call 911 if medical assistance is needed.

Chemicals on Skin

  • Immediately use a sink or emergency shower to flush affected area for at least fifteen minutes. Remove accessories or clothing that are contaminated, cut off pullover garments to avoid contamination of eyes.

Chemicals in Eyes

  • For eye injuries always seek medical attention after administering first aid.
  • Immediately use the eyewash or sink to flush eyes for at least fifteen minutes. Eyes should be held open and eyeballs rotated to rinse all surfaces.
  • Remove contact lenses while rinsing and dispose of them, do not reinsert lenses!

Chemical Inhalation

  • Close containers & open windows to increase ventilation. Move the victim to fresh air.
  • If headaches, respiratory irritation, dizziness, or drowsiness do not improve quickly, call 911.

Accidental Ingestion or Absorption of Chemicals

  • Call 911 and contact the Poison Control Center at 800-962-1253 for instructions. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by a health care provider. Explain carefully what chemicals were involved