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Update from Oliver Schemm, FSU Art MFA '09

Published September 17, 2012

From Oliver: “I wanted to tell you the good news and update you on some shows that I have been
involved with here in Vermont.  I was asked to apply for a full time
teaching position at Castleton State College the school that I have been
adjunction on and off for three years. After the interview
process  I was offered the job, a one year
contract with the potential for more.  It was extremely exciting as I have
been working for this since I graduated.  To both be able to live in VT and
have a full time position in the field that I went to school for is a dream
come true.  To be sure none of this would have been possible without the degree and experience I got through FSU’s Graduate Art Program.  Castleton has a very small art department.  I believe the President of the school is expanding the program and building a new Fine Art
building/sculpture warehouse.  I think I am in a good position to be very
much involved in this expansion.
Recently I have been involved in three shows this past summer.  I have
attached links and press releases relating to the exhibitions.

Thanks for your time, Oliver Schemm”
Christine Price Gallery- Solo Show- “Zonule of Zinn & The Canal of Schlemm”–
Helen Day Art Center- “Exposed!”–
The Great Hall- “Emergence”
Also a clip from a local TV station-
Segment on Public Radio-