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Update from Gary Adler, ’85 FSU Art Alum

Published April 17, 2012

Spring is in the air, and we would like to take this moment to present a fresh update on Four-Eyed Films. The first quarter of 2012 has been filled with pure creativity and high profile projects. We love your feedback so feel free to email us back with any comments, questions or clever remarks. Thanks for taking a look. Updated reel coming soon…





We were honored by our colleagues at Warner Bros Consumer Products to come up with an original piece for their new artist “Gallery” series. Each artist was asked to pick any DC Comics character and pretty much do whatever we wanted to. Gary chose Superman’s old nemisis “Brainiac” and came up with this spelling bee scenario. 150 different pieces were created for this unique licensing program.





All unreleased high-profile projects come with strict confidentiality agreements which means we can’t show you the actual work just yet. I’m proud to say that the above blockbuster franchises,  gaming juggernaut, and a beer that put us under many times in our high school years… were all brands that we created projects for over the last four months. Each was unique and challenging in it’s own way, and we look forward to the day they are released when we can share the work we did with you. If you are curious to see these projects, we can show them to you in person. Let’s do lunch!





Four-Eyed Films was hired to help launch a new brand for our animal and human friends at SeaWorld. Above are a just few samples of the dozens of logos we designed for this process. The final logo resembles the one in the upper left corner of the layout.





We were recently hired to create a sizzle piece for the new Star Wars Kinect for Xbox video game. Zed Ink asked us to shoot their Hollywood launch party, gather footage from all of the other events around the world and put together a two minute spot showcasing all of the fun. We love working with Zed Ink, they have a very imaginative team and run a well oiled machine. Big thanks to West Post Digital for their hard work during the post process.





Pabst Blue Ribbon beer hired us to evolve their sports mascot Cool Blue. This character has been around since the 70’s and is used in point of purchase displays and promotional campaigns. PBR is very popular with the college demographic so the key was to evolve the character but keep that kitchy feel so as not to lose that core consumer. And yes, drinking and sports go very well together. Try it!







Yes, Spring is in the air, it’s time to take the top down, shed those wetsuits and release a couple  of American Eagles… on a unicycle… at the edge of the Grand Canyon.