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Tiffany Fried Works on Production of Der Vampyr While Interning for FSU Opera

Published December 4, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’20 Tiffany Fried:

As the intern at the FSU Opera I was made properties master for the production of Der Vampyr. I was tasked with finding props for the show, keeping spreadsheets updated, and communicating with the production designer about props. I also did some painting; I learned how to use a spray gun which was great. There was a good amount of moving furniture around, but that was the only slightly unenjoyable part. It was still cool to rummage through the prop warehouses! I found it quite fun to hunt for props. Now that the production we were working on is over, I get to work on personal projects which is great. I’m currently learning how to use a sewing machine. I’d recommend this internship to someone who likes to do a lot of different things. Some days I was sending emails and others I was visiting thrift shops looking for a prop that was needed. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience.