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Samantha Becker Interns at Family Business

Published August 14, 2019

This summer, from May 6 to August 5, Samantha Becker interned at her family’s business, Stephen Becker Automotive Group. Her responsibilities included photographing the cars that were to be listed for sale on numerous auction sites, communicating with customers, and helping out with a large portion of the company’s social media, including Instagram and Twitter. Samantha learned a great deal about how to properly market herself as a small business owner, which is what she aspires to be when she graduates. Samantha decided to pursue this internship because she realized that she did not have much experience with the marketing side of owning a business. She was still able to incorporate her photography into the internship to continue growing as a commercial photographer, too.

Now that her internship is complete, Samantha feels as though she is ready to take on marketing her own business and is more confident than ever in doing so. She learned an abundance of new business strategies that she is excited to use in the future. She also learned how to communicate with customers and how to handle various customer service situations, whether it be a positive or negative one. One of the most enjoyable parts of her internship experience was getting to work alongside her dad, Stephen Becker. Before this internship, Samantha never realized how intense owning your own business can be. Now she really understands what her dad does in order to run his own business and how hard he works in order to reach his business goals. I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students. Stephen Becker Automotive Group is made up of wonderful employees who want their interns to succeed. These employees each had great and helpful advice about how to run and manage a successful business. They are so passionate about their jobs; that passion alone made this internship well worth it.