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Samantha Becker Interns as CFA Event Photographer

Published April 12, 2019


from FSU Art BA ’19 Samantha Becker:

“For the past year, I have been interning as a photographer for the College of Fine Arts under Anna Prentiss. During this time, I have attended multiple campus wide events to photographically capture the details. Some notorious events that I have photographed are Caffeine with the Dean, Artist Lectures, and various award ceremonies. After attending and photographing the events, I edit the photos and deliver them to the College of Fine Arts. From there, the images are used on the College of Fine Arts website, Social Media, or on physical pamphlets. From this experience, I have learned how to break out of my comfort zone and get up close to the action by photographing it. I have taken many creative risks, too. I decided when I was granted this internship that I did not want my photographs to look like stock images. I am very thankful that my mentor, Anna, granted me creative freedom when photographing events. I greatly enjoyed the flexibility of this internship. As a junior, my course load was very heavy this year. I was able to photograph events that worked around my schedule. This allowed me to focus both on school and my internship without both becoming too overwhelming. I also enjoyed the events I went to. If it were not for my internship, I probably would not have known about or attended these events. I learned exciting new things at each event. I would recommend this internship to anyone who has a passion for photography and wants to become more involved in the Florida State community.”