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Samantha Becker Captures Images Interning at CFA

Published November 21, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Samantha Becker:

Since my sophomore year of college at Florida State University, I have been interning under Anna Prentiss at the College of Fine Arts. My internship responsibility was to attend various College of Fine Arts events and photograph the action that unfolded. Most recently, I photographed the 2019 Dean’s Society Reception. Since I am graduating in December, I am sadly wrapping up my internship. I have really enjoyed interning for the College of Fine Arts for the past three years. I am so grateful for everything I have learned from my mentor, Anna, and for those I have met at the events I have documented. My internship pushed me out of my comfort zone by attending events which I may not have considered going to (I always ended up having a blast and learning/seeing something new), it allowed me to meet new people, and it taught me a handful of new photography skills that I can carry on with me into my post college career. One of the most memorable things about my internship was getting to take headshots for many amazing faculty members, including the legendary Mr. Scott Schamp. When taking these headshots, I always wanted to make sure I made the person comfortable in front of my lens and I also wanted to make sure that they loved their pictures. When I was able to accomplish both of these challenges, it was an extremely rewarding experience. For any student who has a passion for photography, loves attending College of Fine Arts events, and wants to make amazing connections with people, this is the internship for them! Again, I am incredibly grateful for my time at this internship and for those who supported me along the way!