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Rodnay Brewer Interns at Master Craftsmen Studios

Published April 24, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Rodnay Brewer

“After just a few months, Master Craftsmen Studios is virtually a second home for me. Oddly enough, I find myself wishing I had more time to work there instead of at the school studio or at home. What I enjoyed most about being there as an intern is that I felt like an employee. By this I mean, there was no job that I couldn’t be apart of. From making awards for some very important events, to cutting 14 foot signs on a Water-Jet; the staff always made sure I was included by teaching me how to do what they were working on or just creating an atmosphere where everyone felt equal.

I spend a lot of time with Phil, he’s a real laid-back dude and he taught me a lot about the business of art and how to step into the art world post-graduation. The team let me sit in on meetings where they put together a game plan for proposals, insurance, budgeting, etc.Challenges are really just apart of any job as most of us know by now, so they came up situationally for things like hanging a couple hundred pounds of tree shaped chandelier upside down. The biggest challenge is waking up at 7:30 AM to get there, but once I arrive it’s all fun and art until my time to leave comes.

When the semester is up, I think I will leave Master Craftsmen with a lot of experiences and skills that I gained as a direct result of my internship. I’ve used tools I have never seen. I’ve learned to make stained glass, pens and bowls on a lathe, molds from rubber. I got to go out and install public pieces for people or companies that have way more money than I may ever see. It’s just been really impactful on my career as an artist while maintaining the stress-free environment I personally need as a full-time student as well. I appreciate the opportunity and would genuinely recommend it to any art student or student working in fabrication or design fields.”