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Department of Art Alum Rachel Rossin Recognized as “Notable Nole”

Published October 23, 2019

Rachel Rossin at the Young Alumni Awards

Joyce & Tom Rossin, Rachel Rossin, Allen & Kim Rossin

Joyce & Tom Rossin, Rachel Rossin, Allen & Kim Rossin

Excerpts courtesy of FSU News

The Florida State University Alumni Association recognized 22 young alumni for their significant contributions to their professions, communities or alma mater at the eighth annual Young Alumni Awards Dinner Friday, Sept. 20. FSU College of Fine Arts is honored to have Department of Art alumna, Rachel Rossin, recognized at this event as a 2019 Notable Nole.

The Notable Noles program recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of FSU’s alumni age 35 or younger who have made exceptional achievements and significant contributions to his or her profession, community/society or the university through traditional channels or innovative approaches.

Rossin is regarded as a pioneer in utilizing virtual reality as an artistic medium, and is known for manipulating digital technology to create immersive environments. In her work, Rossin often aims to define new experiences regarding transcendence and perception. She works by blending the worlds of painting and digital media by using game-engine physics, procedural programming and traditional oil painting and airbrush to create virtual reality installations, paintings, and sculptures.

“This year, the Alumni Association received hundreds of nominations for the Notable Noles Young Alumni Award,” said Julie Cheney, president and CEO of the FSU Alumni Association. “The 22 alumni selected have truly attained outstanding success in the short time since they graduated from Florida State and we are so proud of them.”

Since graduating from Florida State University, Rossin has shown artwork in solo exhibitions in New York as well as in museums in Basel, Riga, Istanbul, and Helsinki. She has garnered attention from publications such as Forbes, National Geographic, and Art Forum for her multi-media and installation art and in 2017, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the category of Arts and Style. Rossin was a fellow in virtual reality research and development at the New Museum’s NEW INC in 2015, and she is currently based in New York City.

The College of Fine Arts extends our congratulations to Rachel and hopes she continues to do the amazing work that makes her a Notable Nole!

For more information about Rachel Rossin and her work, please visit her website.