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Rachael Ventura Interns at Askew Student Life Center

Published May 1, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Rachael Ventura:

“This semester I served as a graphic design intern for the Askew Student Life Center on campus. As part of the advertising department, I was responsible for creating various types of promotional media and print. The most substantial part of my time there was dedicated to poster creation. This semester, I designed posters for the Classic movies and Special Events blocks. The Classics poster was one of my favorite designs to create this semester. While working from ideas the Classics chair presented to me, I combined imagery from Pride and Prejudice with a composition from Dial M for Murder. I also created media for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for each movie or event. In addition to the posters, I also designed flyers, buttons, and event-specific graphics during my internship.

The most rewarding part of this experience was watching my designs grow in quality after each round of edits. The finished piece sometimes looked vastly different from the draft I started with. In addition, the amount of creative freedom I had at this internship was unlike many other opportunities, which really allowed me to experiment in new ways. I work with a lot of bright colors and illustrations, so this internship was the perfect fit for me.

Through this internship, I also gained a more advanced understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I learned how to manage my time to meet deadlines, and how to collaborate with department heads in order to create the product they needed. One challenge I faced during this internship was finding inspiration for particularly difficult designs. I overcame this challenge by working with department representatives and their ideas, as well as learning from other designers, and doing research on my own.

I would recommend this internship to any student interested in graphic design, as it really encourages you to be creative. The advertising department provides a very friendly learning environment for interns. Going through rounds of edits was extremely helpful in learning how to push my designs further, and to be more detail-oriented. Not only will I continue to work with the ASLC in the future, but I can confidently say that I am a much better designer because of my time there.”