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Phil Gleason

Published September 5, 2018

Phil Gleason stands in exhibition with his piece.


Florida State University – MFA,  2008

Current Occupation

FSU Master Craftsman Studio

What have you been doing since graduating from FSU?

In my work life, I have been working at the FSU Master Craftsman Studio since 2008 and have worked as the studio Manager since 2010. We mentor students in art materials and processes while creating public and private art commissions, architectural sculpture, fine art restoration/conservation, consultations, design, models, etc.

In my art life, I have had representation with 3 galleries. 2012-2014 was represented in the Danilo Gonzalez gallery in Miami FL. In 2013, I had an installation of a life-sized infinity Stairwell set up at the Gonzalez Gallery during Art Basel Miami. Then in 2014 I met Gallerists from Dallas Texas who brought me into the Samuel Lynn Gallery. I was with them for a year. Then the gallerists who found me panned for their own gallery which I joined in 2016. This, my current, gallery is the Bivins Gallery in the Crescent building in downtown Dallas.

What did you learn at FSU to get you there?

I learned at FSU that anything in art is possible through research. You may need some heavy machinery, more money, or extra hands, but the process and materials can be mastered through research and practice.

I have come to appreciate the triangle of quality. You can have balance for a project/products quality with time and money, OR you can have it off balance toward two of the three, but if you shortcut one, the other two suffer. You can have something high quality and cheap, but it may take a very long time to make. You can have something cheap and fast but it will likely lack in quality. If you have something fast with high quality but it’ll be very expensive.

What advice would you give to art students?

Push hard toward your goals with an open mind. Listen to the suggestions around you and research/study hard. Don’t give up on your own personal art, keep applying for shows and keep talking to galleries to show your work.