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Student News

Department of Art Presents: MFA 2020 Thesis Exhibition

May 16, 2020
The Department of Art at Florida State University recognizes the MFA candidates with an an annual capstone thesis exhibition. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the exhibition ...

William Leech Encounters Surprising Challenges Interning at 621 Gallery

May 6, 2020
One of the more surprising challenges I encountered was the difficult balance of drawing in enough revenue to keep the gallery open with the same high standards for exhibitions as ...

Belladira Garcia Enjoys Working with Assistant Professor Jessica Ingram

May 6, 2020
This internship experience meant having the privilege to take all that learning and continue it outside the class room. I got to have a first hand look at her artistic practice by ...

Will Rowe Learns Valuable Technical Skills as Intern for 621 Gallery

May 5, 2020
During my internship at 621 Gallery my responsibilities included helping to set up each monthly exhibits. I helped with tasks such as creating exhibition catalogs, hanging vinyl, a ...