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Luz Garcia Interns at Sounds Music Group as Graphic Designer and Creative Director

Published August 18, 2020

from FSU Art BFA ’20 Luz Garcia:

This is my second-year internship with Sounds Music Group as a graphic designer and creative director. This time around, I have been made responsible for the same tasks: logo, cover art and merchandise graphics. I updated the logo and created a monogram for the company. I also made cover art for the artists signed to the label. Since this is my second year, it has been more rewarding and less challenging because I am comfortable with the professional expectations of my job and also my relationships with the company.

The only challenges I faced was working through creative disagreements about logo, monogram and covers. That is minuscule compared to the most memorable part of this internship, which has been today, the single Party Girl, that I made the cover art for, just became RIAA certified platinum so that means I will be getting my first platinum plaque. I am also being paid for my work unlike last year and that is truly the best reward. I would recommend this internship to anyone that is interested in graphic design and loves music. It is an incredibly fulfilling career path to be an artist for musicians.

The skills I have gained from this internship are immeasurable. I have learned the value of work ethic, meeting deadlines, working as a team to make one unified vision come to life, working in collaboration with others, drawing inspiration when there is no inspiration, trying different things. I have learned to use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator for effectively and efficiently. I have learned the essential importance of communication when working with others. I have learned to separate myself from the art that I make when it is a shared vision. I learned how to price my work and was able to sell a miniature portrait of mine to the late Pop Smoke’s manager. The opportunities I have been able to take advantage from with this internship have exceeded my expectations and I am grateful beyond words. Not to mention it has been so incredibly fun and inspiring working with artists from different avenues