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Claudia Guerra Navigates Professional Environments at FSU Campus Recreation Marketing Department

Published August 3, 2020

from FSU Art BFA ’20 Claudia Guerra:

Within my internship at FSU Campus Recreation Marketing Department, I have contributed to the creation of content, both written and visual as well as the opportunity to work closely with my team to organize and offer the best content for students here at Florida State.

Time and time again, through this internship I learn more about myself as a professional within a creative market. My director and colleagues motivate me to challenge myself and create the best work I can. I am constantly learning how to navigate professional environments, how to work collaboratively, learning how to focus on a specific target audience and constructing appropriate content. Initially, I struggled being confident in myself and in the way, I navigated my professional relationships. I was cautious of potentially stepping on someone’s toes or that feedback I would give could potentially be taken personally. After a certain period of time, I realized that my colleagues understood me, and I understood them. That our conversations came from a point of shared objective and I grew confident professionally and personally.

The greatest reward I have gained from my experience is the people I have met along the way. From networking opportunities to everlasting friendships, these experiences gave me the space and the opportunity to grow into an emboldened, confident, and skilled person. Without this internship, I am certain that I would not have challenged myself in the ways I did.

This internship is not only accessible because of the fact that it is on campus but also because of the flexibility of the hours, that work in favor of a student’s academic schedule. It provided a collective and creative environment that introduced me to new skillsets, likeminded individuals, challenges, and instilled a wave of initiative within me.