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MFA Alum Gabrielle Wu Lee Honored with Retrospective

Published November 12, 2013

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) presents “Gabrielle Wu Lee: The Art of Dynamic Expressionism”, October 20 through November 24, 2013.

Gabrielle Wu Lee (FSU MFA 1986) created a new form of expressionism with her large scale paintings that emphasize the idea of color and composition over a clear, defined subject. She coined the term “Dynamic Expressionism” and refined the genre over time with a vast catalog of her work.

While being honored with a retrospective piece at the Museum of Fine Arts, she was also the focus of an article in the latest issue of On View, a magazine dedicated to Art in Florida. The article, comprised of excerpts from the commemorative book, “Gabrielle Wu Lee,” was produced by The Museum of Fine Arts and includes excerpted texts written by Paul Z. Lee, Sharon Hartman, and Allys Palladino-Craig. The article describes her process: 


“Her signature techniques include fluidic textures, diffusion of colors and color
intensities, free usage and mixed usage of metallic paints, cursive calligraphy,
purposeful dripping and splashing, hard edge merging with soft edge, explosive
high contrast coexisting with soothing fading in and out, and innumerable other
painterly actions.”

The article continues to describe her aesthetic before providing some insight into the life and many careers of such a dynamic woman. Topics include her childhood in China, her medical career, as well as Wu Lee’s time spent in solitary confinement when China’s communist government began to crack down on the Catholic Church. A talented woman with so many unique experiences, Wu Lee was able to materialize all the triumph and tragedy through texture, form, color, and composition. She received numerous honors and awards, and has exhibited her work nationally and abroad. 

A copy of this article in the current issue of On View can be found by visiting: