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Elise Thompson Exhibiting at Site: Brooklyn and WSU

Published February 1, 2017

Elise Thompson (FSU Art MFA ’16) has been included in Site:Brooklyn’s “The Figure: Interpreted Through Contemporary Mediums” January 19th-February 19th, 2017 curated by Co-Executive Editor of ARTNews Barbara A. MacAdam.

“This exhibition examines the various complexities and interpretations of the figure in contemporary art. The exhibition, selected by Barbara McAdam, succeeds in representing the most interesting and exciting reaches of contemporary figurative work. From Raphael’s “The School of Athens” to Willem de Kooning’s abstract renderings of the human body, the figure has held a central, though now, increasingly contested place in art history. With the advent of photography and mass imagery, artists have had to continually reimagine their relationship with the human form. This show exhibits a wide array of work— all of it technically masterful and visually resonant—that fruitfully engages with such a relationship.”

She will also be exhibiting at Washington State University’s “Utopia/Dystopia” Feb 2nd – March 3rd, 2017.

“Utopia may be simply interpreted as a place where current problems are resolved or transcended, or as an imaginary state of social or cultural perfection. Dystopia, conversely, may be seen as an imaginary state of pure awfulness, or perhaps the real and ultimate conclusion of our current anthropocene. Ideas about utopias and dystopias have long been of interest to artists working across media, popularized by writers of fiction and challenged by critical theorists. Lately, utopias and dystopias are everywhere in films and on social media, as the national political and cultural landscape continues to fracture and diverge along disparate visions. Artists in this exhibit have explored these themes through a variety of media and were encouraged to interpret this theme broadly, exploring personal, cultural or political dimensions. WSU Fine Arts proudly features the work of Susan Robb, Justin Hodges, Meghan Flynn, Elizabeth Bennett, Cozette Phillips, Hollis Hammonds, Naomi Falk, Robert Kinsey, Zach Tate, Noelle Pflanz, Carson Rennekamp, Rob McKirdie, Maria Lux, Barbara Milman, John Shlichta, Austin Stiegemeier, Cedar Marie, Elise Thompson, Samantha Dirosa, Carl Diehl, Maidens of the C B R and Chris Bolduc.”