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Home » News » MFA '14 Samantha Burns in Solo Exhibition at the Art Center in Sarasota

MFA '14 Samantha Burns in Solo Exhibition at the Art Center in Sarasota

Published June 3, 2015

BIMG_7428lack Box Projects: Temporal Beings

This show will include drawings and installation based sculpture that explore concepts of trauma, recovery and time. Using man-made objects and natural plant elements, the artist will create time-sensitive installations that will change over the course of the exhibition as the natural elements deteriorate and the delicate balance of the works topples the structure created.

[quote] It was a really great learning experience and I think that it went off well. While the space did not call for installation work like mine, it was received nicely by those who experienced it. [/quote]

02Sam’s Artist’s Statement:

Over the last year, I have used installations to explore the concept of traumatic recovery not as a single instance but as an experience, a journey. My intention with this work is to reveal the internal endurance a system goes through to attempt to achieve stability.  These mixed media installations were stabilized momentarily through the cooperation of fragile entities (vases, glass, china) partnered with materials that held the possibility to wane over time (flowers, string, and water) to create a system silently struggling for permanence. These installations allowed for the viewer to take time to investigate the life they were seeing before them and appreciate the beauty of its uncertain strength.
As an artist who had recovery from a Traumatic Brain injury, I grew to appreciate the uncertainty that time presents and the beauty, which surrounds moments of change.  My use of these time-based installations is to reflect an instance in a life and challenge my audience to see the complex splendor in this transitory entity. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.