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Mark Messersmith Exhibits Work at Amarillo Museum of Art

Published December 3, 2020

Retired FSU Art Professor Mark Messersmith is featured in PRECIPICE at the Amarillo Museum of Art from October 16 through December 31, 2020. Precipice is the title given to a series of concurrent exhibitions by three artists: David Maisel, Jess Benjamin, and Mark Messersmith. Precipice is concerned with the interaction between humans, nature and the impact that this interaction has on the environment.

Mark Messersmith is an artist whose work depicts the battle for habitat and survival, both between humans and animals and between the animals themselves. With his large sculptural canvases, Messersmith creates a narrative where animals, insects and plants are in constant struggle. The struggle is often with the natural cycles of life and the food chain but more noticeably against the onslaught of human expansion. His oil paintings contain a frenetic energy of flora and fauna mixed with logging trucks, oil refineries, and apocalyptic cityscapes