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Marty Fielding Presents at Ceramics Symposium

Published June 25, 2018

The Red Handed Symposium was a celebration of red clay that took place at The Clay Lady’s Campus in Nashville, TN May 25-27, 2018.

FSU Adjunct Professor Marty Fielding presented alongside fellow artists Amy Sanders, Liz Zlot Summerfield, and Ronan Kyle Peterson. He demonstrated his techniques of construction and surface application while discussing how architecture, painting, and color interaction play into the content of his work as well as lessons learned as a studio artist. Ben Carter, host of the Red Clay Rambler Podcast (and former FSU Visiting Artist) moderated and recorded a panel discussion between the presenters that will be released as an upcoming episode of the podcast.

The weekend started with a reception for the Red Handed Invitational exhibition that illustrated a cross section of styles from established to emrging artists including Ron Meyers, Gail Kendall, Matt Kelleher, Shoko Teruyama, Amanda Dobbratz, Mark Pharis, Rebecca Chappell, Jenny Mendes, Tom Jaszczak, Mike Cinelli, Joan Bruneau, Victoria Christen, Catie Miller, Ben Carter, Michael Connelly, Martina Lantin, Nancy Gardner, Teresa Pietsch, Lisa Buck, Missy McCormick, Stan Mace Andersen, Jeremy Randall, Joe Pintz, Kip O’Krongly, Holly Walker, Maria Dondero, and Paul Linhares. University of Florida Professor Emerita and earthenware advocate Linda Arbuckle gave the Keynote Address surveying historical and current use of red clay and the characteristics and strengths of the material.

The symposium was attended by local artists as well as participants who travelled from around the country and Canada.