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Marty Fielding Included in New Book on Terra Sigillata

Published April 24, 2019

The book “Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques” by Rhonda Willers was published in February. Marty Fielding is one of the artists featured for his use of terra sigillata. As a contribution to the book, images of Fielding’s work, terra sigillata recipes, and his approach to using terra sigillata are included.

Terra sigillata is a ceramic slip made of the finest particles of the clay and used as a surface treatment. “Sealed earth” as translated from Italian, terra sigillata was used in Egypt, China, the Americas and famously in Greece and Rome prior to the development of glazes. The fine particle size allows the “sig” to be burnished and produce a satin sheen without the use of glaze.

Willer’s book discusses the history and techniques for mixing, applying, and firing terra sigilatta. It also illustrates the breadth of contemporary terra sigillata by profiling artists working in sculpture, installation, vessels, the figure, and design.

To find out more about Willer’s book: