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Mandy Yourick (BFA '10) | South Korea

Published January 20, 2012

In December of 2010, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from FSU, and completed my TEFL-Teaching English as a Foreign Language- certification at the FSU Center for Intensive English Studies the following spring. The immediate transition from trying to express my ideas in a non-verbal manner to “studying language intensively” may seem incompatible. Truth be told, it was strange to shift from communicating through my art work to focusing on the spoken word.

In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing. Both experiences are invaluable to me and each have allowed for terrific opportunities.

One such opportunity led me to South Korea. This past November, I moved from Florida to South Korea with hopes of learning a few things about a different culture, language, and myself.

I am now teaching, exploring, partaking, and creating in the Land of the Morning Calm. This blog was created to share this experience and to keep my family convinced that I am alive and well.