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Laurel Borden Interns at Luna Brand Management

Published July 10, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Laurel Borden,

“This internship with Luna Brand Management consists of graphic design and social media management. I have been interning with them for a year now and will continue to do so until I graduate. We work with clients to create a consistent brand for them and showcase it in a way through social media that would make them proud. I work with a team that is inspiring and has taught me so much about professionalism and what to expect when I graduate and move into a full-time position. Since we all live in different cities, we communicate through phone, email, or google chat. This has taught me a method of communication that is just the start of the modern era we are entering into with technology. Our clients who are all around the United States, gives me the opportunity to visit the ones who are close to me in Florida, so we can create face-to-face relationships with them and get professional content for their website, social media, and more. Some clients are camera shy, which is a challenge I face, and do not want to send us content, so these office visits make them more comfortable taking pictures. My photography classes at FSU have prepared me for this type of work.

My design classes have prepared me for what I do on my computer for them, which is edit photos and make unique graphics that could be about anything from our client’s travels, events, team members, motivational words, basic knowledge on their company, and more! The biggest challenge is having to stay up-to-date with what is going on in each client’s city or state. The lighthearted events are easy and the best to create content about, but it becomes difficult when a tragedy happens (natural disaster, shooting, etc) around them and it needs to be acknowledged through their platform. Overall, it is something I really enjoy doing and feel fulfilled knowing I am making them happy by representing them in a positive way, the same way I would want my business life to be represented on the internet. I also have learned what information should be shared on different platforms. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are for lighter content and LinkedIn is for more serious, business-related content. On top of graphics and office visits, I have also learned how to deliver the content I make in the most effective way so they receive the most engagement from each post. I would recommend this internship to other students because it has given me endless opportunities and I am excited to keeping learning and growing more!”