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Kiley Brandt accepted into Japanese Artist Residency

Published January 29, 2018

Kiley Brandt, MFA candidate ’19, will attend the Shiro Oni Studio artist residency in Onishi, Japan during May-June ’18.

Shiro Oni Studio is a 6-week artist residency located in the small mountain town of Onishi. The residency allows artists to develop a deep connection to the area and local people in a tranquil setting. Artists can choose to focus on their own work or work with other artists-in-residence to create a strong project away from the congested urban life of larger cities. Artists are provided with an individual studio, local transportation, and a meal stipend to help them acclimate and encourage them to explore and engage with their surroundings.
Past notable artists-in-residence: Silas Inoue, Mariko Kuwahara, Conrad Ouchi, Mirei Yazawa.

Kiley Brandt is a digital media artist whose work is influenced by Feminism, Phenomenology, and Post-Modern studies. Brandt’s media span video, installation, soundscape, and poetry. Her immersive video installations occupy and transform space while referencing political and personal frustrations. These installations are meant to compel uncertainty and disrupt comfort while maintaining an honest emotional connection with viewers.