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Keilana Hoffstetter Engages with Community Interning at Cat Family Records

Published November 14, 2019

from FSU Art BFA ’21 Keilana Hoffstetter:

“Throughout my time interning for Cat Family Records, I have had the opportunity to grow not only as an artist but as a leader and member of the Tallahassee Community. This experience has opened various doors and has shown me just how much Tallahassee has to offer to artists and individuals alike.

As the Assistant Art Director for Cat Family Records, I was tasked to help coordinate events, plan fundraisers, aid in organization, present new ambitious ideas to help spread the Cat Family name and partake in community outreach. While working events such as concerts and art exhibitions, I was able to meet local influencers and other artists and expand my network in Tallahassee. Working an administrative role has posed challenges as well as benefits such as curating exhibitions, making sure other interns are staying on task and producing work required of them, organizing events, and explore how to expand the art department successfully. I brainstorm ideas and provide artistic insight whenever it is needed. This is a challenge for me because I am used to having a graphic design position and being in control of what is created. Learning how to work with what is given to me as an assistant director has taught me patience and how to think on my feet.

The most memorable experience of the internship has been working events, such as concerts or exhibitions. Meeting local artists and seeing the community come together to celebrate a mutual love for art has been rejuvenating. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and seeing all the hard work put in by interns and volunteers come to fruition and create an environment of celebration that has been the most rewarding experience of the internship to date.

As my time interning for Cat Family Records comes to an end, and I reflect on the experience, I would recommend this internship to others looking to get involved in a company that supports the local arts. This experience has redefined my definition and previous understanding of a community. I feel closer to the local artists and feel as though I am making a difference through my internship. Having the opportunity to be involved in the art community and grow as an artist has been fantastic for my personal practice and network. The people I’ve met while interning have become friends and potential partners for future projects. Even though my internship is coming to a close, I plan to remain involved in Cat Family Records as much as I can until I graduate in Spring 2021.”