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Jordan Hall Interns at Thomasville Center

Published December 4, 2018


from FSU Art BA ’18 Jordan Hall:

“Thomasville Center for the Arts works to educate their community and support arts throughout the city of Thomasville, Georgia. The Center’s four competencies are: Collaboration, Community, Culture, and Creativity. During my time with the Center, I was able to practice all of these competencies while expanding my photography knowledge and portfolio. Michelle Arwood, the Executive Director of the Center and my direct supervisor, gave me three main focuses for the semester; space documentation, event photography, and archive organization. I spent the first two weeks of my time with the Center photographing and documenting the restoration of the historic building that the Center operates out of. This was my first-time documenting architecture, and it was an excellent learning experience. If I decided I was not satisfied with an image, I was able to return and re-photograph the space until it was perfect.

After I finished documenting the Center’s building, I began photographing their events. The Center hosts regular events that bring the community together to celebrate art and learning. Event photography always comes with unique challenges. My favorite event was the Annual Rover Rally. At this event, I climbed into a 1955 Land Rover Series I and spent three hours off-roading through the Georgia Plantations with roughly 40 other classic Land Rovers. This event allowed me to collaborate other local photographers, see lands that are usually closed to the public, and photograph the loving culture that exists in Thomasville.

Because the Center has hired many photographers over the last 5 years, they have developed a large archive of images. Previously, these images were organized by year, but per Michelle Arwood’s request, I reorganized them by subject category. This allows the staff to search for a theme such as “pets” and see all images of pets that have ever been taken by one of their photographers.

My goal at the beginning of this internship was to create compelling images that could be used as advertising and marketing for the Center. Through the support of the Center’s staff, we were able to work together to create a broad portfolio of images, that can be used for future web, social media, and print purposes. In exchange, I will be able to use these images in my portfolio for future job applications. Beyond being able to expand my portfolio, I was able to expand my network through the people I met with over the course of my internship. I was able to work with the many of the owners of Thomasville’s iconic local businesses and create connections that will last long after my internship has ended. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Michelle Arwood and her staff at the Thomasville Center for the Arts, and I look forward to continuing my work with them after my graduation!”Thomasville Snapshot: First Friday at Studio 209, Early Bird Registration, and Whet Your Palette