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Ismael Fernandez Shares Internship Experience at FSU Master Craftsman Studio

Published August 1, 2019

From FSU Art BA ’21 Ismael Fernandez:

“My experience so far, working with the great people over at Master Craftsman Studio, has been nothing but wonderful. I came into it not knowing what to expect or even what I would be doing on a daily basis, but knowing that I will be learning a great deal. After meeting everyone, I got acclimated to the studio environment and artmaking process by beginning work on this summer’s longest-running project: three-story aluminum torches that are to be installed on campus in the newly constructed EAOS building. I have also worked on a sunflower sculpture to be installed near the psychology building, constructed artisan-quality wooden pens, and have begun designing a stained glass window that will be completed before I leave.

Every project I have been involved with has exposed me to different materials, tools, and processes. For example, the hand-crafted pen that every MCS intern creates involves spinning a block of wood at over 2000 RPM and using a carving tool to shape it. I have learned to work with metal, using a plasma cutter, cutting torch, and welding torch to cut, shape, and attach the various pieces of the sunflower sculpture. I have also done work with glass, setting up some window panels in the kiln to be melted into a wave-pattern design. Beyond all the hands-on learning constantly being done, every mentor there is very knowledgeable and explains the science behind each process. This internship experience has also shown me what it is like to take on high budget projects, plan them, and see them through to completion; an invaluable experience for any aspiring artist, especially those looking to get into sculpture.

My favorite experience at the studio so far, has been the volunteer event we did with the Oasis Center for Women and Girls. For one day at the Innovation Hub, we gave a troop of little girls everything they needed to design and create their own mosaic tile. It was truly delightful seeing their faces light up as they exercised their creativity in such a unique and memorable way; the best art is that which is shared with the community. I am very grateful for the time I have spent at Master Craftsman Studio and am very excited for what the future has in store.”