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Internship Offers Creative Design Opportunities for Lily Fineout

Published April 21, 2020


from FSU Art BA ’20 Lily Fineout:

For the spring semester, I interned over at News Service of Florida here in town. My responsibility was to be a illustrator and graphic designer for their marketing. This included designing traditional advertisements like postcards and flyers to online and social branding for their Twitter and YouTube prescience. I gained the skills at adapting my visions and ideas to be more open for critique and listening to what clients and patrons desire. In particular, I learned that reference photos and group discussions can help pin-point exactly what the client wants, but doesn’t have the vocabulary to place preference on certain moods and styles. This helped solidify concept designs and move the work forward efficiently. I did have to overcome the challenge of learning these skills and have a bit of trial and error along the way.

I also personally had to overcome the challenge of my own poor time management skills. I was planning to work mainly from the office, but when the pandemic happened- I was forced to work remotely. I was afraid I would easily become distracted and be no longer reliant. Not only was my supervisor Didi Hoffman accommodating and patient, but she was also firm and would push me in the right direction. I was able to stick with the timelines and deadlines despite the new working situation.

As for anyone interested in News Service of Florida for internships, I recommend it. I would step a bit further and claim that local work is extremely rewarding and if you can find an opportunity to take it. I felt really appreciated. I know that what I did resulted in a sudden boost of sales and viewership statistics. It was the fact that I was told about this, the fact people thanked me and generally seemed to benefit from what I could make that made me delighted. My first ad going up and seeing the number of clicks and costumer engagement to my artistically designed ‘call-to-actions’ was one of the best experiences of my life. News Service of Florida has found its footing, and I can not be more than happy I was there to help solidify it.