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InternFSU Position Submissions for Fall 2018 Semester

Published April 26, 2018

Through the generous support of FSU’s leadership and administration, the InternFSU program is ready to accept submissions for the Fall 2018 semester.  InternFSU provides paid, high-impact experiential learning opportunities for students to gain professional on-campus experience complimentary to their field of study or career goals.

We are recruiting internship opportunities across all disciplines to ensure students can identify a best-fit for their area of academic or career interest.  These include:

  • Creative and research
  • International
  • Internship
  • Leadership
  • Service

InternFSU hires will be paid through a split funding model; $5.00 per hour from the InternFSU program and $5.00 per hour from the host department/institute/lab/office/unit/etc.

Students in the InternFSU program will work 120 hours for the duration of the Fall 2018 semester.  For more information and to submit an experience,