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Huisi He Receives Franklin Furnace Fund Award

Published September 7, 2017
The Green the White

The Green the White
2015 Performance
Thesis Work at the Museum of Fine Art
MFA ‘15 Huisi He

FSU Art MFA ’15 Huisi He is a 2017-2018 Franklin Furnace Fund recipient for her performance piece “I can’t promise you the ride of your life.”

He has this to say about the piece:

Immigration, rejections, frustration, worries, social pressure, U.S. foreign policies, and feminine struggles constitute my life after I moved to the United States in 2007. This body endurance performance illustrates my constant unsettling psychological and physical status.

I am locked in a luggage and carried around by people. I have been trying to escape but I am powerless and helpless. I have no control of my life in this environment of capitalism and Donald Trump’s white supremacy. The performance conveys a sense of hopelessness: the only hope is slowly melting away by numerous rejections and struggles.

This performance will happen in an outdoor public space and an indoor performance venue.