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Home » News » Helene Mukhtar exhibits with the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong

Helene Mukhtar exhibits with the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong

Published January 12, 2015
Woman in Chains – 16" x 20" – Acrylic paint on canvas

Woman in Chains – 16″ x 20″ – Acrylic paint on canvas

For her first time exhibiting in Asia, FSU Art MFA ’06 Helene Mukhtar is bringing a series of paintings she completed specifically for the show.

Abstracted urban architecture and seascapes with turbulent waters provide the backdrops for her cast of characters.

These scenes are painted with her usual bold expressionist style, striking colors and humor. This work also highlights her deep emotional connections with the world around her.

March 12 – 15, 2015

Conrad Hong Kong Hotel
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway
Hong Kong

ATM Creatives, Room 4422

Mukhtar’s Communications Coordinator: 1 718 237 9618

Good Morning Sunshine – 20" x 24"- Paper collage and acrylic paint on canvas

Good Morning Sunshine – 20″ x 24″- Paper collage and acrylic paint on canvas

As she was preparing for the show, demonstrations were taking place in Hong Kong and these events resonate in her work. “Woman in Chains”, “Bird in Chains” and “Good Morning Sunshine” are part of the series she presents at the show.

The 6th edition of the Asian Contemporary Art Show welcomes exhibitors from five continents – from Hong Kong, China and most parts of Asia, to Australia, North and South America and Europe.

Along with Helene Mukhtar, 6 other artists are coming from New York to represent the United States: Bob Clyatt, Julio Valdez, Leah Poller, Miquel Salom, Roseline Koener and Shira Toren.

Helene Mukhtar will show her work with ATM Creatives, a New York, Soho-based Artists’ Collective, in room 4422.