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Hans Rasch, Artist in Residence at Otion Front Studio

Published February 23, 2016

As part of the Otion Front Studio Artist in Residence, Otion Front Studi Presensts:


FSU Art MFA ’13 Hans Rasch has used his time in residence at Otion Front Studio to explore the topic of romantic love, sexual dominance, sorrow, and failure. With an initial interest in Greek myth, Hans has used the stories of Eros and Psyche, Orpheus and Eurydice, and his own personal narrative to develop the initial seedlings of works that explore, disassemble, and question what it means to be “in love”. Through the manipulation of space, Hans has created three site specific performance-installations that take the audience on a journey. Scored to works by Nina Simone and Beyoncé, and playing with the politics of gender, power, and subversion; Hans, along with his collaborators Suzanne Darrell and Will Cummings, have developed for your viewing pleasure Eros/Psyche.

Hans is a dancer, printmaker, and graphic artist originally from Miami, FL. He is an animal for work, utilizing performance, dance, choreography, printmaking, set and costume design; Hans’ desire is to give his audience an immersive and transformative experience. His work often makes references to the series Sailor Moon, mythology, Queer and Latino culture. He holds and MFA in studio arts from Florida State University. Hans has shared his works with audiences at Fountain Art Fair, the Miami Science Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Tallahassee, the Frost Art Museum, Nina Torres Fine Art, the Bureau of General Services- Queer Division, WOW Theater Cafe, Arts@Renaissance, and Otion Front Studios.