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Haleigh Feix Interns at the Florida State Opera Workshop

Published April 12, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Haleigh Feix:

This semester I had the pleasure of interning for the Florida State Opera Workshop as a Scenic Production Intern. The workshop executes all the design operations for the opera’s occurring within the FSU Department of Music. This includes set design, construction, props, and set up. I had the pleasure of being the Prop Master for the “Of Mice and Men” production in early February. My role was to gather all necessary items to complete the stage design, whether it was buying, making or modifying current props to match the aesthetic of the show. It was such an incredible and rewarding experience, being able to see all the pieces come together and then watch the show on stage.
Throughout my role as Prop Master, I had a lot of responsibility in maintaining communication with the Stage Manager, Technical Director, and Art Director to make everything was completed on time and the props were functioning as they should. One of the challenges was being able to make decisions in a fast-paced environment and make them on my own without being supervised every step of the way. It was such a pleasure being able to work with so many talented people. I definitely learned so much about creative problem solving, time management, and so much more.
One of the most memorable parts of the internship has to do with the image attached. As Prop Master, I was put to the task of sewing mattresses and stuffing them with a substance that would fit the time period (1920s). We decided on using cellulose insulation. During the process, I had to ‘fluff’ the insulation and stuff it in the mattresses. The image is me wearing my protective gear while doing this.