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Home » News » FSU Department of Art Shares Fond Memories of Rick Hubbard, MFA 1979

FSU Department of Art Shares Fond Memories of Rick Hubbard, MFA 1979

Published October 30, 2012

From Dawn McMilllan, MFA 1979, and Leo McMillan, MFA 1976

Another death in the FSU family–our friend Rick Hubbard, MFA 1979. Rick and his wife Judi were in my MFA graduating class and were both in our wedding.
Rick Hubbard, MFA, FSU, 1979 passed away August 16, 2012 after a year-long battle with leukemia. Rick received a BFA from Franconia College, NH in 1976 and came to FSU with his partner and eventual wife, Judi Stauffer, to study photography with Robert Fichter and Virgil Murano. He received his MFA from FSU in 1979. His work evolved over the years from experimental and non-traditional photographic print processes to three-dimensional painting and sculpture incorporating found and natural objects. After moving to Santa Barbara, CA he created a body of work of shadow-box wall sculptures inspired by personal history, nature and mythology of Native American and Pacific Island cultures. Rick’s parents owned a large ranch bordering the Yellowstone National Park and after their passing Rick served as the family representative and Board Secretary of The Cinnabar Foundation, a private non-profit foundation created by his parents to preserve and protect the Montana and Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.
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Attached are two photos–Rick in a tux at our wedding, 1981, and Rick and Judi at a Halloween party at our house 1979.