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FSU BFA ’12 Stephen Blake Fuller’s Book Launch and Discussion with Art Historian Alan Longino

Published January 19, 2016
“Subjects and their litter, image runoff, in this departure, forever upgrade in absentia, in full fantasy, apatriarchal. Any subjects, having orbited any source, seek relief from their representation and, in this, sons unsubject, they dissolve, proving their sources to have been, all along, dissolved themselves.”

Announcing the release of Sb Fuller’s most recent publication, img APATRIARCH, SMALL EDITIONS is pleased to host an evening of discussion between artist Sb Fuller and art historian Alan Longino.

From the site of a sunken U-boat off the coast of North Carolina to a sound stage and on to a gallery, this project as its fourth and final reinstallation–a book swiss-bound behind glass–features a text broken apart across the length of the book and a sequence of documentary stills from each of these installations. With images illustrating what accumulates in varying degrees of abstraction, the content of this text will be up for discussion this Friday. The book in its sourcing, subjection, and overall production figures what Fuller has carefully come to refer to as the “apatriarchal image.”

Sb Fuller (b. 1990, Miami) received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture this past summer. He has published work internationally and remains the current co-director of ΚΘΦ Gallery. His website is located at

Alan Longino (b. 1987, Biloxi, MS) is an art historian. He has written on the use of Blue in the work of Steve McQueen, on the architecture of Mimar Sinan, and about the self-generative quality of line and form by Mannerist painters. He is currently working on his master’s thesis concerning telepathy in zone culture and image production.
The event will take place at Small Editions in Brooklyn, NY on 1/22/16, 7:30-10.