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Home » News » FSU Alumna Claudia Bucher Launches Project on USA Projects

FSU Alumna Claudia Bucher Launches Project on USA Projects

Published April 4, 2013

FSU Department of Art Alumna Claudia Bucher has launched a project on USA Projects. 

From the “XO: Supreme LUV Challenge” article on USA Projects, Bucher states:


I am seeking $15,000 for a four-month residency in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California to develop a multimedia performance-sculpture project that involves the use of electronics and 3D printing. As alter ego inventor and mystic Claud Zeeb of SpaceTime Applied Research Systems (STARS), I am creating a series of Love Utopitility Vehicles. LUVs are poetical probes designed to love and empathize with the cosmos. Their goals are to explore the euphoric potential in hostile environments and to engender joy, contemplation, daydreaming, escapism and pleasure wherever they can while also highlighting the unique and idiosyncratic aspects of each environment they encounter. LUVs are related to personal mobility devices, mobile architecture, wearable sculpture and robotic probes.


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