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Facility for Arts Research Announces CFA Fellows

Published September 26, 2018


FAR is happy to announce the 2018/19 FAR Fellows:

Jeff Beekman is a multi-disciplinary artist, Assistant Professor, and Director of the Foundations and BA Programs in the Department of Art. Recurrent themes in Beekman’s work include a meditational approach toward a work’s creation, an appreciation for good craft, and in all cases an empathetic investigation of s

ubjects investigated.

Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, an artist-scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor in Theatre Studies at the School of Theatre. She works on performance pieces that are multicultural and experimental in terms of combining different media; such as film and theater, visual art and performance, landscape and the live body, and site-specific and staged.

Joséphine A. Garibaldi is an interdisciplinary artist scholar dedicated to fostering collaborative art-making across communities, disciplines and cultures. Josephine is an Associate Professor in the School of Dance. From environmental and performance installations, movement and text based visual poetry, Garibaldi collaborativ

ely devises original performance, installation and digital works.

Tiffany Rhynard is an artist, dancer, and filmmaker compelled to make work that examines the complexity of human behavior and addresses current social justice issues. Rhynard is using the interactive software system, Isadora, to create a digital environment where storytelling, conversation, and exchange will occur and where the lines between performer and participant are blurred. Tiffany is an Assistant Professor in the School of Dance.

Sara Scott Shields, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Art Education. She currently serves as the teacher certification coordinator and the director of MS in Art Education program (teacher certification track). Shields’ current arts based research practice is centered around the use of sketchbooks/visual journals in a range of educational contexts.

The Facility for Arts Research is encouraging collaborative relationships across the College of Fine Arts by awarding FAR Fellowships to six faculty. A FAR Fellowship offers selected artists and scholars an opportunity to engage in collaborative experiments, develop or test new ideas, and engage in vital public dialogue from a home base at the Facility for Arts Research. The objective is to create an academically diverse and vibrant community that focuses on collaborative research and methods across a variety of disciplines and media. The fellows receive office space and access to the facilities at FAR and the College of Fine Arts provides a stipend for materials.

Watch for announcements for upcoming Research Nights where the Fellows will present their projects. The first of these will take place in November.

For more information about the FAR Fellows