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Environmentalism in Papermaking: Free Workshop

Published January 18, 2018

Paper is an important part of our lives, we cannot deny it; but beyond the classroom, office, mailbox, bookstore, and cash register, what other purposes can paper serve? Can our receipts, old notes, and newspapers be more than what we expected? How about art? Yes, your old scraps can be made into new, beautiful works of art, and this workshop will show how it can be done.

Papermaking is a fun, therapeutic process that can be done at home using every-day equipment. Participants will learn how to make a mold & deckle, pulp up fibrous materials into “paper slurry,” embed/stencil/paint with paper, and decorate their paper with plants, spices, and other natural objects.

Participants are encouraged to bring scrap paper, old cotton/denim fabrics to pulp, and natural materials (e.g. flowers, seeds, spices, etc.), although materials will be provided for those that cannot bring their own. This is a free event. Bring your kids, your friends, your family, or just yourself; everyone is welcome!

Date/Time: Sunday, January 21 at 1:30pm-4:30pm

Location: The Plant (517 W Gaines St)

Price: Free!!!

For more information, contact