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Emily Jensen Interns at Orlando Style Magazine

Published August 27, 2019

From FSU Art BFA ’20 Emily Jensen:

“During my time with Orlando Style Magazine my role was to predict future style trends within the areas of men’s fashion, interior design, as well as providing activities and upcoming events in the magazine articles of Orlando and Tampa Style Magazine. I was given a set list of responsibilities to report in the magazine for the months of September-December. For the September men’s article my role was to predict the future styles of fall men’s sunglasses, and outer wear, while providing chic alternatives for Halloween decor. For the men’s style section in November my goal was to submit a new turn on the 90’s fashion that has been coming back into style these past few years. Some skills I gained, was the ability to create and put forth high quality information that will be used within the magazine in the time-frame of a two week deadline for each magazine month.

The major challenge I faced was having to learn how to use all of the software for editing and writing magazine columns in a short time period and having to come back the next week and apply it to new information. The most memorable part of my experience was seeing the free products being sent into the magazine to be reviewed and put forth in the ads monthly. Another enjoyable aspect of my time with Orlando Style Magazine was seeing how close the team members worked with one another as well as how they all talked about their lives serving as a small-knit work family. This was great to witness since it is one of my goals to work within an enjoyable work field where majority of the staff get along well with one another. When I put in my notice for this internship I was told that I would be welcomed back as an intern or visitor again with prospects of a future job. I would recommend this internship to students who are interested in magazine work or writing, but one does have to appeal to the masses when working with a magazine so biased fashion choices need to be filtered to become broadened to the public as a whole.”