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Emily Jensen Gains Useful Knowledge Interning at Orlando’s Morse Museum

Published August 7, 2019

From FSU Art BFA ’20 Emily Jensen:

“There are many skills and assets I gained and learned throughout my time as an Intern at the Morse Museum. Some of my assignments have included queuing information and uploading digital photography of works of art in the warehouse storage as well as within the museum, filing donor forms, restoring nineteenth century silver spoons, working on TMS. I learned how to become more digitally secure in my line of work as I was responsible for uploading new information into the computer software that would be use by registrars from art museums all around the country. Majority of my challenges were remembering the steps to each and every task I completed as I would take on multiple assignments a day. There are specific steps to filing concerning donor ship, and works of art that have traveled to auction or partnered museums. It also took me several weeks to complete a list of all of the authors located within the library on museum property.

As I worked closely with the registrar of the museum I was granted several perks other interns as well as employees at the museum had not yet been granted. I was allowed access to override codes in the computer system as well as be able to access locked accounts, the library, and the warehouse of the museum as the works of art stored were being brought forth for the upcoming exhibition. One of my most memorable experiences with the museum was being able to walk around the warehouse where all of the works of art not being displayed at the moment are stored. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life walking around two, second floor warehouses and being able to touch the art and see how they are packed and unpacked for exhibition. I was also given the opportunity to meet all of the men in charge of restoration and transportation. I would recommend this internship to other students as I am an Art Historian and this helps me become more exposed to the world of art but my partner in interning is a computer programmer working with the software the museum has. There are endless options and countless opportunities at the Morse Museum.”