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Dr. Keri M. Guilbault

Published January 16, 2019
Keri Guilbault Professional Website


Dr. Keri M. Guilbault turned her Florida State Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art into a passionate career of education and leadership. By obtaining a Master’s in Educational Leadership from University of South Florida and a Doctorate in Educational Administration at University of Central Florida, Dr. Guilbault began working for scholarly organizations to maximize educational experiences for gifted students. Currently the Assistant Professor and coordinator of the graduate programs in Gifted Education at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Guilbault served a term in the NAGC Board of Directors from 2014-2018 and was awarded the Mensa Education and Research Foundation Trustee of 2018 to present, as well as the State Leadership Award in Gifted Education by Maryland State Department of Education in 2017.

Dr. Guilbault was recently elected as the president of the Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education (MCGATE), an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). The organization’s mission is to ensure that the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners are met.

Q & A

What have you been doing since graduating from FSU?

After graduation, I lived in Paris, France for a year and worked at Disneyland Paris.  Upon my return to the states, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in art education, however, during my program of study I was employed in a magnet elementary school in central Florida where I had the opportunity to work with diverse, talented students in an enrichment program. Working with these advanced learners, I realized my passion for developing the gifts and talents of others. I changed my major to gifted education and later obtained a doctoral degree in Education Administration. I worked as an administrator at the school and district level in Florida and Maryland until moving to higher education. I currently work as an assistant professor of Gifted Education and Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University.

What did you learn at FSU to get you there?

During my time at FSU in the College of Fine Arts, I learned how to see and think differently, how to use constraints to approach and re-frame problems. Although I am not currently a professional artist, these skills have transferred over into my career and lead to success as a leader in education organizations.

What advice would you give to art students?

Experiment, explore new passions, and maintain your childlike perspective. Take risks and don’t be afraid of failure. While in school, seek out opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. Keep an open mind; you never know where your path may lead.