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Home » News » ‘Disco as a Metaphor’: Act of Making Objects Guides Artist’s Reflections

‘Disco as a Metaphor’: Act of Making Objects Guides Artist’s Reflections

Published January 28, 2020

A view of Tom Hall’s “The Sometimes Observed life of A Disco Gimp installation” at 621 Gallery (Photo: Tom Hall)

from Amanda Sieradzki, Council on Culture & Art:

“Look up.”

Artist and Florida State University adjunct art instructor Tom Hall recalls these words spoken by his high school teacher as he and his classmates bustled down a busy street. The sentiment represents his process as a maker, doer and sculptor of narrative.

“Look at the world and think about everything around you,” says Hall. “We should all have aims and ambition, but the ‘now’ is the important part otherwise you will always be hungry for what is next and miss the ‘now’ completely.”

Hall continually looks at the present world around him from every perspective imaginable. His pieces range in dramatic scale—from singular objects to multi-room installations that have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Each carries Hall’s flair for story balanced with a touch of rebellion.

“Plus, if you’re always looking up, you might bump into someone,” Hall remarks cheekily. “It is important to do the right thing, but who knows what might happen if you don’t.”

Hall’s exhibition at 621 GalleryThe Sometimes Observed life of A Disco Gimp,” encapsulates this play between perspective, personal histories and a spiraling visual thought process. The installation opened on Jan. 3 and will run through Jan. 31.

In this exhibition, Hall turns an eye inward to investigate personal tensions between parental responsibilities and fears. Each room highlights the difficulties of becoming an adoptive father by exploring a new persona, “Disco Gimp Dad,” who represents a mixture of “masked figures” that men play throughout fatherhood.

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