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Derek Brown Interns at Master Craftsman Studios

Published August 7, 2019

From FSU Art BA ’19 Derek Brown:

“Being both my last semester with the Master Craftsman Studios internship as well as an undergrad at Florida State University, I could not think of a better way to finish out my college experience then working in the very industry I hope to continue to be involved in. The opportunities that Master Craftsman Studios affords students who are looking to pursue a career in fabrication is nothing short of amazing. They allow us to work on projects that give students the hands on experience that is crucial to becoming a full time fabricator. The tasks involve anything from assisting in designs and creation of university projects, all the way to working on outside commissions all over the state. One example would be a stained glass window for a building on campus commissioned by the Florida State University Marching Chiefs. This project was both challenging and rewarding to see so many hours of hard work become a finished and beautiful piece. The Piece will not be revealed till later this year.

I would recommend this internship to others students only if they are both committed and have the skills required to become a creative fabricator. It is not easy work, often sweaty and repetitive, however, each and ever project not only helped me become a better fabricator, but a better artist as well.

I would like to take the time to thank the amazing people at Master Craftsman Studios for this incredible experience. Thank you.”