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MFA Summer Graduates Presents Thesis Exhibit: ACCLIMATE

Published July 23, 2018

Friday, July 13th marked the opening of the summer MFA ’18 thesis exhibition, ACCLIMATE. Matt Adams, Lauren Baker & Rachel Mathes artwork will be on display at the Museum of Fine Arts until Friday, August 3rd.

The opening reception kicked off with thesis walk-in-talks offered by each exhibiting artist to MoFA guests. Mathew Adams spoke of the importance of precision in photography and how that has changed over time with technology and techniques, as seen in his black and white portraiture. Rachel Mathes invited the viewer into her intimate connection between the environment and handed down craft techniques of braiding and needle point. Lauren Baker posed the question of value, consumption, and purpose in her deconstructed photography installation.

Lauren Baker said “Grad school pushed me in so many directions and challenged me to explore various art making practices from photography, video to performance and the three-dimensional form. My thesis is a culmination of these experiences. I have been so grateful for the guidance, support and not so subtle prodding that was dished out over these three years by faculty & peers. The art world is so much larger now, and I am excited the fling myself into the middle of it.