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Dani Poey Interns at Master Craftsman Studio

Published July 24, 2019

From FSU Art BA ’19 Dani Poey:

“This is my second time around doing an internship for Master Craftsman Studios, and I’m still constantly learning new things and better techniques for my art making. Though the summers are a little slower, I find myself doing a lot of hands on projects alone, which has helped me build confidence. Being given a project to work on yourself can be stressful, but I’m glad they made me do it because I’ve learned how to take responsibility for a project.

I got a great chance to make the FSU logo and enhance it from plane bronze to gold enhancements (see photo). That Sigil was for the head boss of my bosses so it was very nerve racking to make perfect for the top boss! Turns out they loved my idea of what parts I made gold, and I was thanked by my bosses and team which felt very very good. These people have given me so much confidence to make things and do things on my own. Because of this internship, I have done more than I ever thought. From welding giant sculptures to learning how to grout, I have done so many things this summer, and I can thank MCS and the amazing people that work there that give students the confidence to be great artists! Thank you to MCS for giving me so much experience for my future and for meeting such amazing people.”