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Courtney Carter Interns at the Center for Leadership & Social Change

Published December 8, 2018

from FSU Art BA ’18 Courtney Carter:

“For the semester of Fall 2018, I was a Photo Intern at The Center for Leadership and Social Change. This was my very first internship and I was very excited to have gotten it. Along, with being able to make my own schedule and work on a time that was convenient for me, I worked autonomously on taking and editing photos for events. I also got to work along with other interns and work study students on other assignments. The environment at The Center, was very communal. There were different people there with different skill sets, different personalities and backgrounds that contributed to the environment and my internship experience at The Center. The experience made me feel that my work ethic is valuable, useful, and that I am an employable individual. At some point I even introduced some of the staff to software that they weren’t familiar with and I thought that was kind of interesting. I do wish I had, had more challenges and more opportunities to learn more skills. The program sponsoring the internship, InternFSU, is still relatively new to the center. As they grow and become more familiar with the needs of students and their expectations, they can really increase they’re potential and provide better more satisfying opportunities for their students. With that being said, I enjoyed my experience at The Center of Leadership and Social Change and with InternFSU. I will continue to do my best and have high expectations for myself towards the opportunities that I pursue in the future.”