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FSU Alum Christina Klein Receives Fulbright Fellowship Award

Published May 4, 2018

From FSU MFA ’17 Christina Klein:

My work is primarily focused on rural flight, which is why my MFA
portfolio revolved around abandoned houses that I painted as well as
wooden models of collapsed home that I built. Part of my series has also
included interviewing residents of my rural community about the changes
they have experienced over time to learn more. I have also been painting
portraits of local farmer’s since 2012. My Fulbright fellowship is a
continuation of my regional series, where I will also be interviewing
members of rural German communities facing similar population decline.
Since much of the local heritage in Kansas is German, moving my research
there seemed like a natural next step. I have already reached out to the
Mayor of a small town in Eastern Germany, who has agreed to an interview
as well as help finding contacts with others who might be interested in
joining the discussion.

During my time in Germany, I will be taking classes with Susanne Kuehn,
the Chair of the Painting Department at the Academy of Arts in
Nuremberg. She has agreed to oversee my project and will be a great
asset as well. She is originally from Leipzig, Germany, and knows first
hand about population decline.

Visit Christina Klein’s portfolio here